The Requisite Leader

Requisite Leaders display values and use strategies and methods that foster widespread personal achievement, accrete value, and renew resources.

Fractional Executive — Revenue Architect — Director — Advisor

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Specific Value Drivers

Value-drivers are the causes that create your effects (outcomes), like revenue, profit, and enterprise value. Which ones dominate and which can you improve?

  • Financial performance

  • Sustained growth rate

  • Price integrity and competition

  • Concentration and churn

  • plus 6 - 28 more value-drivers

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Teams + Leaders

Leaders lead only if others follow. The actions which get, keep, and guide followers define who is a leader. If no one leads, or if everyone leads, results suffer and value falls.

  • Persuade others to follow you

  • Sustain interest and enegagment

  • Personalize work, results, rewards

  • Give and take actionable feedback

  • plus 12 - 16 more leader competencies

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Emotions + Traits

Emotions and traits are cognitive habits that all people accumulate from experiences. They replace the instincts that humankind has lost.

Achieve greater people results and avoid more people disputes with ationable insights into self, others, and groups.

  • 24 ineffective emotion-triggered states

  • 24 effective traits and qualities

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Revenue Engineering

Revenue-drivers are a subset of value-drivers that affect revenue value optimization. They're economic factors present in external markets and internal systems. They often mask one another, unless they're examined with a whole systems thinking perspective.

  • Product and customer support

  • Product design and development

  • Marketing and selling strategy

  • Marketing and sales operations

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Objectives & Key Results

Success-drivers are a subset of value-drivers that affect rates of plan fulfillment.Overcome common outcomes like: never launch ... abandon early ... fall short ... surprise miss ... do-or-die ... and many more symptoms of planning defects.

  • Plan wholeness and integrity

  • Operational execution

  • Response to feedback

  • Change management

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Engagement & Learning

Intelligent automation multiplies engagement and learning. Liberate managers from the mundane, help them do higher value work. Our technology partner is AMPLIKAI, a public benefit corporation: Launch site

  • Explicit automation expectations

  • Specific time and value targets

  • Plans and performance tied to culture

  • Value-ranked alternatives

  • Minimize despair and resistance

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