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11 Things Business Owners Must Know

To build value into a thriving business is not a simple recipe that can be copied. Many successful operators do emulate others, but they also experiment and recombine to define their unique value. Get started with our introduction to Business Value-Building during our Nationwide Lunchtime Learning Series. It's complimentary, and there's a $500 participation bonus with no obligation.Duration: 50 minutes. More details below.

Available Q1, 2020 in our online microlearning center!


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Who Should Attend?

BEST for founders, partners, and owners of businesses with revenue of $1.5 - $92.7 million. 

GREAT for startups on a fast revenue or hiring runway.

GOOD for any executive manager responsible for attaining maximum predicatable business revenue and value.

Why Attend?

Learn the 8 most important drivers of business value, and how to grow them. Gain 3 kinds of value: to operate, to combine strategically, or to sell.

Learn the 3 major components that leaders use to maximum value: people; process; and task (work).

$500 partcipation bonus for early registrations. Complimentary benchmarking against 46,000 other businesses who we've surveyed.

How's It Work?

Pick your date & time then register now.

60-minute interactive online workshop using video, slides, Q&A, discussion, and polling for each topic.

 Workshop covers two or three topics - depends on how deeply we discuss each.

$500 participation bonus is awarded during the first topic. No obligation.

Top 8 Value Drivers in More Detail