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        People Paradoxes, Polarities, & Traits

        People are perplexing, puzzling, and paradoxical. To handle the complexities of driving business value through people requires focus on actionable essentials. Get started with our introduction to People Analytics during our Nationwide Lunchtime Learning Series. It's complimentary, and there's a $500 participation bonus with no obligation. Duration: 50 minutes. More details below.

        Available Q1, 2020 in our online microlearning center!


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        Who Should Attend?

        BEST for any executive leaders and managers who must be effective and efficient in dealing with diverse people, teams, or groups. 

        GREAT for a company owner or CEO who senses a need for better executive team dynamics.

        GREAT for executives suffering from interpersonal conflicts or group discord who needs ways to restore understanding, engagement, and trust.

        Why Attend?

        Learn traits, emotions, and impulses, and the triggers that push people from effective to destructive behavior.

        Experience behavior-based techniques that restore deliberate and effective action. Gain habits of self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

        $500 participation bonus for early registrations. Complimentary benchmarking against 46,000 other businesses who we've surveyed.

        How's It Work?

        Pick your date & time then register now.

        60-minute interactive online workshop using video, slides, Q&A, discussion, and polling for each topic.

         Workshop covers two or three topics - depends on how deeply we discuss each.

        $500 participation bonus is awarded during the first topic. No obligation.

          Paradoxes, Polarities, and Traits in More Detail