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Lean Toolkit for Leaders

To lead any organization is a neccessarily complex role that can be made better by avoiding its unnecessary complexities. Lean Management streamlines enterprise value building. Get started with our introduction to a Lean Toolkit to build maximum value at the lowest cost with the least waste during our Nationwide Lunchtime Learning Series. It's complimentary, and there's a $500 participation bonus with no obligation. Duration: 50 minutes. More details below.

Available January 27, 2020 in our online microlearning center!


Participant Rating

Who Should Attend?

BEST for executives and managers who have ultimate responsibility for one or more revenue-related areas, and are striving to gain long-lasting value. 

GREAT for startups at any stage of business, GREAT for companies operating at peak, and GREAT for aging companies that want a transformative lift.

GREAT for executives operating in bureaucracy who need ways to prolong peak operation and to ease others into accepting change.

Why Attend?

Learn the most important lean mindsets and methods that drive value into your work and engage your workforce with clear shared values.

Learn the two ways change occurs, the four steps that ensure positive change, and many habits of successful lean leaders.

$500 partcipation bonus for early registrations. Complimentary benchmarking against 46,000 other businesses who we've surveyed.

How's It Work?

Pick your date & time then register now.

60-minute interactive online workshop using video, slides, Q&A, discussion, and polling for each topic.

 Workshop covers two or three topics - depends on how deeply we discuss each.

$500 participation bonus is awarded during the first topic. No obligation.

  Leading Lean in More Detail